Let us cater your next event!

 The desert is a wonderful place full of jaw-dropping beauty and we use some of the most exquisite venues in the desert area. Let me help you find the best location for your wedding or special event. Here are just a few of the most popular event spots in the valley:
    •    Frank Sinatra Estate, Palm Springs
    •    Lola Kents Events
    •    Sierra Grande Estate
    •    Cree Estate
    •    Corona Yacht Club

    •    Desert Oasis, Bermuda Dunes
    •    Laguna Seca, Bermuda Dunes
    •    Air Museum, Palm Springs
    •    Du Pont Estate, La Quinta
    •    Bougainvillea House, La Quinta
    •    La Chureya Estate, Palm Springs
    •    Marilyn Monroe Estate, Palm Springs
    •    Desert Ridge Estate, Indio
    •    The Hacienda Hot Springs, D.H.S.

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Need a place to stay while you are visiting the desert area?

Visit Beaumonde Villas to view some of the best locations in the Coachella Valley.

 If you also need assistance with other aspects of your event,
please visit these fine dealers:
    •    Joyful Weddings & Marriages

    •    California DJ
    •    Dishwasher Blondes
    •    Exquisite Desserts
    •    Hair Designs by Kristy
    •    Over The Rainbow Cupcakes
    •    Classic Party Rentals
    •    My Little Flower Shop

    •    Falto Cigar Club
    •    Creative Audio

    •    Rocky Start Entertainment