Jeff Kaufman, executive chef and owner of Jordan’s Creative Catering Concepts
Starting at the age of 15, Jeff was fortunate to learn many different cooking styles having been guided at The Green Briar Resort. His path was cut and he went to culinary school at the Culinary Institute.

After school, he traveled off to the Caribbean and was fascinated by the unique flavors and different influences that were on the islands. He spent 6 years working in hotels and restaurants on the islands of St. Thomas, Grenada and St. Marten. These years were his baptism under fire! He was exposed to a lot of improvising, open-air kitchens and Murphy’s Law where he then moved to Florida and worked with some really great chefs in the Florida keys, Ft. Lauderdale, and Orlando.

Meet The Chef!


Some of his accomplishments in Florida include:

•  Chef at the Hilton Hotels
•  Corporate Chef at the Hard Rock Café
•  Executive Chef for Tommy Bahamas
•  Corporate Chef at The Falls Steak House
•  General Manager/Chef at Vintage Garden Café

  “Finally, I am doing my own thing and working with the guests the way I believe they should be treated.”

—Jeff K.

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